Frequently asked questions

If you cannot identify potential speakers for your event, check out these other great resources:

  • Anne's list, a list of women in systems cognitive neuroscience.
  • Women in Brain Simulation
  • AcademiaNet, a database of women in all fields of science, nominated by partner agencies.
  • 500 women scientists, a list of women in STEM.
  • BlackInAI, Black researchers in AI, ML and related application areas (health, agriculture, politics, economics, law etc.)
  • LatinXAI, Global Community of LatinX in AI Professionals
  • Queer in AI, an initiative to raise awareness of queer issues in AI/ML
  • BlackInNeuro, an initiative to improve the diversity within neuroscience communities that celebrates and empowers black scholars and professionals in neuroscience-related fields.
  • Queer in Neuro, a network for LGBTQIA+ scientists in Neuro.

Visit the Repository and enter the researcher's name in the search bar or keywords related to your field. Click on 'View Profile' to view the detailed profile of a scientist you would like to recommend. You can then click the 'Recommend' button at the top right corner or click the 'write her one' link in the Recommendation section. Anyone can submit a recommendation, male or female. Recommendations must be positive. When recommending a researcher, please make sure to include all relevant information, e.g. whether you have seen this person talk at an event before, and where and when that was (as videos of the event might be available). Also include any potential conflicts of interest, disclosing any personal relationship with the scientist (e.g. colleague, close friend, student, ...). At the moment, it is NOT possible to edit a recommendation, but contact us for related queries.

To enter your name on the repository, fill in the form in the Create profile page. Make sure you agree with our data storing terms (see here).

At the moment, editing your information can be done by contacting Women in Neuroscience Repository, mentioning the exact information to modify.

We store the data provided (by you) only for display on this website, with the intent to increase the visibility of women in neuroscience. We do not distribute it to third-parties within or outside the EU under any circumstances. You have the right to access your data, as well as for the data to be erased from our database at any time. To do so, simply email us at Women in Neuroscience Repository. To know more about your rights as users of this website, please refer to the European Commission data protection policies.

Last update: July 2021