Sarah Genon

Post-doctoral researcher

Jülich Research Centre


January 2014

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Region
  • Whole Brain
  • Cognition (general)
  • Memory
  • Clinical (general)
  • Dementia
  • MRI
  • PET
  • Univariate
  • Multivariate
  • Predictive Models
  • Connectivity
Other keywords

Brain Mapping

  • Christina Schmidt (Associate Professor - GIGA-CRC in Vivo Imaging) Mar 26, 2019

    I had the pleasure to assist to a talk given by Dr. Genon recently. I was impressed by the work she presented, the way she elaborated the underlying concepts and the critical view she is applying to the field of neuroimaging. It was an inspiring presentation, applying forefront analysis techniques that her group developped in recent publications. Date: 25/03/2019 GIGA-CRC Seminar, University of Liège We performed a PhD in the same lab and pursued careers in different research fields since then.

  • Ana Luísa Pinho (Post-doctoral researcher - Inria) Jan 28, 2019

    I attended two talks of Sarah on the topics of functional cognitive mapping and brain parcellation, using neuroimaging data, in the course day of OHBM2018-Singapore and in an internal meeting of the Human Brain Project. Sarah has a very good cadence and flow of speech. I found her talks not only scientifically very interesting and timely but also very well articulated.

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