Jessica Schrouff

Post-doctoral researcher

University College London

United Kingdom

January 2013 Highest Degree

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Whole Brain
  • Cognition (general)
  • Electrophysiology (EEG, MEG, ECoG)
  • MRI
  • Predictive Models
Other keywords

Machine learning

  • Sarah Genon (Group leader/ Director/ Head of Department - Jülich Research Centre) Aug 26, 2019

    I have studied with Jessica at the University of Liege. During our PhD time, she was already very knowledgeable. I really appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge with others. As a PhD student, she took the initiative to organize a Matlab course for students of the research centre who did not have any programming background. I was really happy that she took the time to look at my first Matlab code and that she was so efficient at fixing bugs when I asked her help. She has became an excellent scientist working in the field of machine learning for medical imaging. I saw her talk on that topic in August 2019 at the Montefiore Institute (University of Liege: It was an excellent talk. Her presentation was very well structured, the flow was perfect, the content was well calibrated and left the audience with a very good overview of the current possibilities and challenges in the field. I strongly recommend her for this topic!

  • Ana Luísa Pinho (Post-doctoral researcher - Inria) Jan 28, 2019

    Jessica has great communication skills. She is clear with fast-forward thinking and speech. I really enjoyed her talk on course day in OHBM2018-Singapore where she talked about decoding models using neuroimaging data.