Avital Hahamy

Post-doctoral researcher

University College London

United Kingdom

December 2017 Highest Degree

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Whole Brain
  • Cognition (general)
  • Sensory systems
  • Motor Systems
  • Clinical (general)
  • Psychiatry
  • MRI
  • Univariate
  • Multivariate
  • Connectivity
Other keywords

resting state, brain representations

  • Marlene Behrmann (Professor - Carnegie Mellon University) May 25, 2019

    Dr Hahamy is currently a postdoc in Prof. Tim Behrens' lab at The Wellcome Center for Human Neuroimaging. She completed her Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel where she worked with Dr Rafi Malach. Dr Hahamy is an incredibly creative scientist and she has been involved in several different research projects all the way from studying neural markers of autism using functional MRI to studying resting state activity. I have heard her give several talks and her scientific energy is remarkable. I recommend her highly as a speaker.