Sladjana Lukic

Assistant Professor

Adelphi University, Ruth S. Ammon College of Education and Health Sciences

United States

December 2016 Highest Degree

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Region
  • Whole Brain
  • Cognition (general)
  • Language
  • Emotion
  • MRI
  • Behavioural
  • Lesions and Inactivations
  • Univariate
  • Multivariate
  • Predictive Models
Other keywords

lexical system, psycholinguistics, aphasia, emotions, lesion-symptom mapping

  • Valentina Borghesani (Post-doctoral researcher - University of Montreal) Feb 08, 2022

    Sladjana and I were postdoctoral researchers together at UCSF for more than three years. I attended her talks during our lab meetings, which she also organized and hosted, as well as at international conferences, where she always shined for clarity and passion. She combines deep theoretical knowledge of linguistics and neurolinguistics, with passion, rigor, and work ethic. She is, and hopefully will always be, an active collaborator of mine.