Valentina Borghesani

Assistant Professor

University of Geneva


January 2017 Highest Degree

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Region
  • Whole Brain
  • Cognition (general)
  • Memory
  • Language
  • Dementia
  • Other degenerative diseases
  • Electrophysiology (EEG, MEG, ECoG)
  • MRI
  • Behavioural
  • Lesions and Inactivations
  • Univariate
  • Multivariate
Other keywords

Primary progressive aphasia, Semantics, Conceptual knowledge, Semantic memory

  • Ana LuĂ­sa Pinho (Post-doctoral researcher - Inria) Jan 28, 2019

    Valentina and I were co-workers in the same research institute --NeuroSpin platform, CEA-Saclay, France-- for two years. I attended some of her talks in internal meetings as well as her PhD defense. Her field of expertise concerns with the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying language comprehension, in particular with regard to semantics. Valentina is simultaneously a skeptical and an enthusiast. She points out the problems but always with a tonic of optimism. She is very vivid and approachable with great communication and social skills.