AmanPreet Badhwar

Post-doctoral researcher

University of Montreal


January 2015 Highest Degree

Field of Research
Brain Area
  • Region
  • Whole Brain
  • Dementia
  • MRI
  • Univariate
  • Multivariate
  • Predictive Models
  • Connectivity
Other keywords

alzheimer's disease, multimodal mri, early biomarkers, proteomics, genomics

  • Edith Hamel (Professor - Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University) Jul 12, 2019

    I surely recommend Aman as a speaker or collaborator. She is a dynamic, engaged and highly knowledgeable young investigator with great capacities and drive for originality and novelty.

  • Erin W Dickie (Assistant Professor - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto) Jul 10, 2019

    I had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Badhwar as the keynote “ignite” speaker at the BrainHack Toronto pre-conference symposium to the Canadian Neuroscience Meeting. She gave a beautiful talk (including references to stunning works of brain art). She had clearly put a lot of work into adapting her material for the, mostly trainee, audience at this event. She masterfully combined the presentation of her own science with links to open resources that the audience would find useful. I have no official conflicts, but I do hold her lab in the highest respect.

  • Sylvie Rheault (Medical Doctor - Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire de gériatrie) Jun 28, 2019

    I saw her at the CCNA meeting in 2018 when she presents the trainee's group and for her recruitment conference in January 2019 entitled: 'A multiomics approach to understanding Alzheimer's disease'. She has innovative research projects in mind, she is well structured in her work, and she makes it clear and simple to understand. She is hard working and she delivers the expected work. I have no real conflict of interest for now, but I am interested in working with her and I have already discussed collaboration with her. When I realize her amazing potential, I wanted for sure to collaborate with her on some projects!

  • Ish Amarreh (Group leader/ Director/ Head of Department - National Institute of Mental Health, USA) Jun 24, 2019

    I've had the pleasure of serving on OHBM Diversity and Gender committee with Aman and I am inspired by her dedication to promoting quality in science. Aman has been a very active member of the committee, leading several projects for the committee. Aman is fantastic communicator and speaker and I highly recommend her for Women in NeuroScience group speaker series.

  • Bratislav Misic (Assistant Professor - McGill University) Jun 22, 2019

    I had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Aman Badhwar at the Brain Imaging Centre lecture series at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Aman is an engaging and thoughtful speaker with diverse expertise in molecular biology, brain imaging and cognition. I highly recommend her for future speaking engagements at conferences, symposia and workshops.

  • Trevor Owens (Professor - University of Southern Denmark) Jun 22, 2019

    AmanPreet Badhwar was an invited speaker to our department in 2018. Her talk 'Impaired neurovascular coupling in Alzheimer’s disease', was given to the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Department of Neurobiology. She gave a most engaging presentation on her research and future directions, specifically how the combined use of biomarkers from both imaging and biofluids-based omics has the potential to improve the detection of preclinical changes characteristic of the AD disease process. The data that she presented were high level and quality. The audience were a mixed group of students postdocs and faculty members, mostly from research areas that did not overlap with the topic of her talk, and she did a very good of reaching out to them with clear explanations as well as answering questions in an informative and helpful manner. In my opinion she would be a very good addition to an AD-related symposium or conference program.

  • Thomas Hinault (Post-doctoral researcher - Johns Hopkins University) Jun 20, 2019

    I had the chance of seeing one of Aman Badhwar's talk during a first postdoc at McGill University, and was impressed by the clarity of the presentation and the strong scientific contribution of her work. Aman is also very dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in science. I am looking forward to working with her on new and exciting research projects, and fully support her participation to the Women in Neuroscience group.

  • Natalia Bielczyk ( - Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre) Jun 20, 2019

    Aman Badhwar is a very strong researcher invested in a broad range of extracullicular activities: developing novel mentoring programs, promoting equality and diversity in academia as well as creating and propagating brain art. I had a chance to work with Dr. Badhwar on two projects so far, and I find her extremely creative, diligent and hard working. She is a type of a natural leader, yet she is also a team player and easily finds compromises. She is also a great accompany and inspiration. I highly recommend working with Aman!

  • Pierre Rainville, PhD, Associate Scientific Director, CRIUGM (Group leader/ Director/ Head of Department - CRIUGM) Jun 17, 2019

    Aman Badhwar is an outstanding young scientist manifesting talent, intelligence, and generosity. I am following closely her progress as she is transitioning to become an independent researcher and am impressed by the quality of her scientific contributions to the understanding of the brain and to the development of biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases. The breadth of her expertise ranging from genetic to proteomics, metabolomics and human brain imaging is unique at this stage of her career. She demonstrates very strong abilities to combine these complementary levels of analysis and to explore and develop new methodological approaches. She is also very proficient at communicating the importance of adopting such an integrative approach. Furthermore, she demonstrates a great capacity to establish fruitful collaborations across research fields and she is very active in networking and community engagements through her active participation to scientific organizations and including mentoring activities.

  • Steve Smith (Professor - FMRIB/WIN, Oxford University) Jun 17, 2019

    Aman gave a really good talk to my group in Oxford last year. It was extremely clear and interesting, and she has such impressive enthusiasm for her research. I've known Aman for many years and have always enjoyed talking about life and research with her. In our most recent catchup at ISMRM she explained loads of biology (related to neurodegeneration) to me that I was naive about - very nice of her!

  • Dan Lloyd (Professor - Trinity College) Jun 16, 2019

    I saw her excellent talk at the Rest State Brain Networks conference in 2018. Several of her provocative art works were also on display. She is an interesting speaker, and an intriguing artist as well -- a Renaissance person, in my opinion. (We have no professional or personal relationship outside of conversations at the conference.)

  • Lucina Q. Uddin (Associate Professor - University of Miami) Jun 16, 2019

    I've had the pleasure of serving on OHBM committees with Aman and I am inspired by her enthusiasm, innovation, and work ethic. She has contributed to numerous initiatives for the society (mentoring, communication, diversity, brain art) and still manages an active and exciting research program. I'm very much looking forward to following her career as she begins establishing her independent lab this year.

  • Danica Stanimirovic (Group leader/ Director/ Head of Department - National Research Council of Canada) Jun 15, 2019

    Ver engaging young speaker who can bridge (brain) science, art, emotion and social engagement.

  • Hien Duy Nguyen (Lecturer - La Trobe University) Jun 15, 2019

    I have seen Aman speak in Montreal in 2015. I have also worked alongside Aman at the CRIUGM, in Montreal, as a visiting fellow in 2015 and 2019. Aman is a clear and logical speaker. Her talks are easy to comprehend, despite the complexities of the scientific content that she communicates. It is apparent to me that Aman is a talented communicator and ambassador for Neuroscience. Her passion for her research is also easily observed from the volume of her research output. She is also highly collegiate, having written and worked with numerous collaborates. I have little problem in recommending her as I believe that she will be a presence in the community in years to come.

  • Randy McIntosh (Group leader/ Director/ Head of Department - Rotman Research Inst - Baycrest, Univ of Toronto) Jun 13, 2019

    Aman has been tireless in her joint pursuits of science, education and arts. She is a fantastic communicator able to talk with anyone about her work and neuroscience in general and make it engaging. She has been a strong advocate for arts in science, as she herself is a great artist and she makes efforts to ensure art is prominent in the meetings she attends by setting up exhibits for her work and that of others. Aman is also a strong advocate for education and support of women in science. She has led the education committee for Human Brain Mapping and set up mentoring programs for women and early career researchers to help navigate the increasingly challenging academic environment. I highly recommend Aman for inclusion in this database. She will be a valuable resource for years to come.

  • Ali Khatibi (Senior researcher/ scientist - University of Birmingham) Jun 13, 2019

    Aman is a role model for women in science. She has extensive experience in leading teams and making team work effective. She is leading a line if research that promises to open new frontiers into study of Alzheimer. She is an artist and bring her talent in art to neuroscience. I sat on many if her talks in Montreal and at OHBM annual meetings and the way she tells the story makes everyone interested in her research.

  • Sridar Narayanan (Assistant Professor - McGill University) Jun 13, 2019

    I have seen many of Dr. Badhwar's talks. They are all carefully prepared, beautifully illustrated, clear, logical and understandable, even when she covers a large and multidimensional amount of work. She is passionate about her work, creative, and very dedicated. She makes an excellent collaborator because she values people's time and takes deadlines seriously, and always strives to deliver her contributions in a timely manner. Disclaimer: I am married to Dr. Badhwar.